• Power of Peace Workshops

    Power of Peace Workshops

    Youth Voices Center empowers teens with its multi-level, two day intensive workshops, that unite peers and teachers alike.

  • NEW! Staff Development Workshop

    NEW! Staff Development Workshop

    Youth Voices Center is excited to launch it's newest program! Introducing "Collaborate to Compete."

  • Meet Michael Arterberry

    Meet Michael Arterberry

    Michael's professional background and enthusiasm for helping youth has been pivotal to his program's success.

  • "Shake the Dirt Off" Scholarship Fund

    The “Shake the Dirt Off” Scholarship Fund enables youth to step on their dirt and move towards their dreams.

  • Support Youth Voices Center

    Support Youth Voices Center

    By making a donation, you will enable Youth Voices Center to continue and expand its outreach to schools across the state and nation.