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“Shake the Dirt Off” Scholarship Fund

Michael Arterberry created the “Shake the Dirt Off” Scholarship Fund to help further the lives of young adults beyond the Power of Peace Program.

The name “Shake the Dirt Off,” stems from a fable about a donkey, that Michael uses to begin his workshops. The donkey falls into a well and the farmer, with no way to pull the donkey out, decides to bury him instead. As the farmer shovels dirt down into the well to cover the donkey, the donkey instead shakes off the dirt, then steps on top of it. Eventually, the pile of “dirt” is so high, the donkey emerges from the well to the relief of both the donkey and the farmer. Michael’s uses this story to send a message. Step on your own “dirt.” Allow it to move you past your circumstances and on to bigger things.

Through the “Shake the Dirt Off” Scholarship Fund, Youth Voices Center (YVC) enables youth to step on their dirt and move towards their dreams. YVC makes discretionary grants to help disadvantaged youth with basic needs or to overcome obstacles to success. Over the years, YVC has provided financial assistance to youth in the following capacities:

  • Assistance with books for students enrolled in college
  • Gym memberships to keep young boys out of gangs, and instead focused on something productive
  • Rent assistance to keep a young girl and her family off the street
  • Tickets to the prom for a senior who could not afford to take a date
  • Proper clothing for winter
  • Haircut for a job interview
  • Groceries for Thanksgiving dinner

It is our belief that one small act of kindness can help propel someone to bigger and better things; give youth the encouragement to take the next step towards helping themselves. Believing in a person’s ability to grow and move forward can be the catalyst to actually do so.

YVC has experienced this very concept first hand. Without the encouragement of one amazing woman that believed in Michael Arterberry’s dream, YVC would not exist, and all of the thousands of children and families that have been affected would not be possible.

“Shake the Dirt Off” Scholarship Fund is awarded on a case by case basis, at the discretion of Michael Arterberry.

Click the following link to make a donation toward the “Shake the Dirt Off” Scholarship Fund and help us to support other great causes and kids!