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Our MISSION is improving the quality of life of young people through Positive Youth Development in a safe and supportive environment, encouraging youth to become active, productive members of their families, schools and communities.

Our VISION is to help all youth realize their personal worth, so that each makes positive contributions to society.

Since its founding, Youth Voices Center has served more than 8,000 youth through its unique Power of Peace workshop. The program has documented impressive results and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participating teens and schools. It has received support from both private and public institutions and recognition from media outlets such as television, online, and print media outlets such as USA Network, Westchester.com, LoHud.com, The Columbia Paper, CtPost.com, and more.

Short-term thinkers plant gardens…Long-term thinkers plant trees.

Eternity minded thinkers plant themselves in the souls of others!

~Michael Arterberry