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The Individual School Report results indicate that Youth Voices Center’s Power of Peace program had a statistically significant positive effect in changing student attitudes from pre-survey to post-survey in all six areas:

  • I respect myself.
  • I am willing to talk to a student different from me.
  • I respect students different from me.
  • I believe violence will not resolve conflict.
  • I am aware of alternatives to violence.
  • I think I know how other people see me.

From the 6 areas listed above, all six areas saw positive percentage change from pre- to post-survey. Specifically, “I am willing to talk to a student different from me,” saw the greatest increase at all schools of +32%. This result displays a central, consistent theme: compassion, community building, bonding and creating a nonjudgmental environment.

New students who were impacted by Power of Peace in 2014, described the program as: Eye-opening, amazing, informative, awesome, helpful, inspirational, positive, impactful, intense, excellent, life-changing, and insightful.

Quotes that were consistent throughout:

  • “Like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.”
  • “It is important to get to know people instead of judging them.”
  • “I am not the only person who goes through stuff in life.”

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