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All participants in Power of Peace create “Affirmation Posters” as a culminating exercise. Each participant, students, adults and facilitators, has a blank poster with his/her chosen Peace name in the middle of the poster. The participants write comments on each other’s posters, affirming the positive qualities of that person and offering encouragement for that person on their journey. Below are comments on Michael Arterberry’s Affirmation Posters. The names have been changed.


Thanks for helping me to see through the darkness and step closer to the light of my own soul.

Respectful Rashid


I cannot put to words how incredible this experience has been. You have been so real and I hold you in the highest respect. You are an incredible and strong man; you have devoted yourself to something great and inspired many. I have not been able to communicate my feelings or trust in a while and the past two days have been just a mental reprieve my busy life needed. The only words I can find are Thank You, with all of my heart.

Awesome Alice


True Leader really got me to think of myself and others in the group in a different ways.

Kind Kevin


Thank you for this wonderful experience! I can’t thank u enough that you have opened my eyes to something so powerful. You truly changed and impacted my life in a positive way! Hopefully I can be like you some day in the future!

Delightful Donna


I’m so happy that I did this program. You accept everyone for who they are and not many people are like that. I think that this program is excellent and I will recommend it to all of my friends. Thank You!

Joyful Julie


This program has honestly changed me for the better you are selfless and caring. I wish I had your strength to follow your heart.

Eloquent Eli


This program is wonderful it gave me the chance to look at myself and realize how much I have to be thankful for. Hopefully I will have another opportunity to participate in another workshop. Thank you for your time to inspire and change peoples attitudes and perspectives.

Mystical Marty


Thank You so much for being someone I can model myself after. You are honestly an amazing person, that can inspire people to do amazing things. You are an amazingly talented person. Thank you so much for being who you are, and believing in all of us. I give you my word, I will never change, unless for the better and I promise to do my best to change the world.

Loving Lianne


Your teachings and your great wisdom will be with me forever. You opened my mind, my heart, and my soul. Thank you!

Just Josh