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God was holding my hand.

God Was Holding My Hand – Michael Arterberry’s Story

Did you ever have the feeling that God was with you, sitting beside you, and walking with you? For Michael Arterberry, experiencing God’s presence is a daily occurrence and one that has brought him through some of life’s toughest moments. Inspiring and motivational, God Was Holding My Hand shares Michael’s journey of coming to know […]

Collaborate to Compete Staff Development Workshop

Collaborate to Compete Staff Development Workshop Youth Voices Michael Arterberry Oct 30, 2018 “Exceptional can’t sit in the same room as Ordinary.” ~ Michael Arterberry Teacher team building is at the heart of any successful school. Critical to engaging students in learning to the best of their abilities, are highly effective faculty, staff and leadership teams. […]

Think Apart..Be The Observer

Think Apart..Be The Observer Youth Voices Center Michael Arterberry Oct 10, 2018 Have you ever sat in the mall and just observed passers by? How about a subway station in the middle of New York City? In a short time, you will see people from every race, color, financial level, age, size and gender. Yet, is […]